Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Severe Weather Bulletin (Poweshiek County) Grinnell, Iowa

Poweshiek County is under a severe thunderstorm warning. Please be aware of these conditions and if you hear a siren during severe weather please take shelter. For a list of severe weather shelter locations at the college please visit the following website: http://www.grinnell.edu/offices/security/ and visit the "Preparation for Severe Weather at Grinnell College" location on the webpage.

Please monitor radio, tv and internet areas for the most updated information on the weather.

Thanks and be safe,

Campus Safety & Security


Time: 7:00am, Tuesday June 3, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

E2 Campus (Pioneer Alert) Emergency Notification System ( Account Expiration Message)

Good Afternoon,

You have received a text message on your cell phone or mobile device on or about 6/1/2008 stating "Your Grinnell College account will expire in 30 days Please login to extend your service period."
This message originated from "79516".

This message came from College's new electronic emergency notification service "Pioneer Alert". It refers only to your Pioneer Alert subscription, your other college accounts (network access, email, PWeb, etc. ) are on the same schedule they always have been.


Pioneer Alert automatically sends a notification to subscribers when their subscription is about to expire. We are sorry that you were not made aware of the automated reminder. The message was not specific as to which college account was going to expire and this caused some confusion and anxiety.
Action taken by Security/ITS:
We have changed the name of the account to be more specific. Future expiration notifications should read:
"Your Grinnell College Pioneer Alert account will expire in 30 days Please login to extend your service period."
We are contacting the vendor to determine how the text of the message could be made more specific to Grinnell College.

To Extend or Renew your subscription to Pioneer Alert:

* Go to Pioneer web ( http://pweb.grinnell.edu )
* Click the "Pioneer Alert" link under resources on the left of the page.
* You will see a yellow rectangle informing you of pending expiration with a button to "extend" the expiration date. Click the button and your subscription will be extended 2 years. (You can still cancel at any time)

Note: From this screen a person can also add ADDITIONAL mobile devices, deactivate devices, opt out, and add additional emails.

The Pioneer Alert system is a way to broadcast important safety information in a quick and efficient manner. In addition to Pioneer Alert, Grinnell College will provide various alternative sources of information, including e-mail, voice mail on campus phones, college website, via public address system in some campus buildings, and city siren system to issue an emergency alert.

Stephen A. Briscoe
Director of Campus Safety & Security
Grinnell College