Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Parking & Monday May 18th Commencement Parking


Hello all,


Over this weekend and Commencement morning (Monday May 18th ) we are asking that you not park your vehicles in the interior most parking areas of the campus if possible. The campus has a limited number of parking spaces and we are trying to have as many parking spaces as possible for guests.   


Thank you for all you do to support Commencement Weekend.


Stephen A. Briscoe

Campus Safety & Security





High Street End of the Year Block Party


Dear students,


The off-campus end of the year celebration known as the High Street Block Party has begun on High Street/Near 6th Avenue.  Here are a few tips for making your

celebration more enjoyable and safe.


1.         Remember that all alcoholic beverages must remain within the barriers that block off High Street between 5th and 6th.

2.         Open container violations will be strictly enforced outside the boundaries.

3.         Please assist in keeping the neighborhood as clean as possible by helping to clean during AND after the Block Party.

4.            Please be sure to eat when drinking.

5.            Be safe when crossing the highway in that area.

5.         Have fun.


Faculty/Staff  please be aware of students crossing the road (6th Avenue/High Street) and be careful when driving in that area.


Stephen Briscoe

Director of Campus Safety & Security

Grinnell College

Grinnell, Iowa 50112





Monday, May 11, 2009

Iowa Smoke-Free Air Act (Complaint of Violation)


An inspector from the Iowa Department of Public Health recently visited the Grinnell College campus to investigate a complaint of a violation of Iowa's Smoke-Free Air Act. In compliance with Iowa law, the College became a smoke-free campus on July 1, 2008. While the inspection revealed the College has adequately signed and properly notified the College community of the law, evidence, such as multiple cigarette butts left on campus grounds, indicated smoking is occurring on College property.

While smoking is banned on College property, it is not banned on public "right-of-ways" owned by the city.  Sidewalks on campus that line city streets, including the grassy area between the street and sidewalk, are public right-of-ways.  Sidewalks along Park, East, and Broad Streets, and 6th, 8th, and 10th Avenues, are included.  All other sidewalks and spaces are considered College property and must be smoke free.

The purpose of a public right-of-way is to provide access to the public.  Individuals should not block pedestrian traffic and should avoid smoking in groups or busy areas where others may pass and possibly inhale secondhand smoke.  Cigarettes must be extinguished before entering College property.  Cigarette litter is the responsibility of the smoker, and should, after extinguishing, be properly disposed of in a trash receptacle. 

Persons who choose to smoke on Grinnell's campus do so at their own risk and may face civil fines, as well as fines from the institution.

 For those who wish to quit smoking tobacco, Quitline Iowa , a toll-free, statewide smoking cessation telephone counseling hotline, is available. Trained counselors provide callers with information about the health consequences of tobacco use, assistance in making an individualized quit plan, and ongoing support through optional follow-up calls.

Stephen A. Briscoe,  Campus Safety & Security,  269-4600