Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Weather Message



Dear Grinnell Students:


Since many of you are returning to Grinnell this weekend, we want you to have an update on the winter weather we are anticipating.


Weather in Iowa has been very rough these past few weeks and more is forecast: tonight we are expecting freezing drizzle with the low of 26 degrees;  Friday (1/22) we expect a fog advisory with the high around 32 degrees; Saturday (1/23) we may get rain showers into the night; Sunday (1/24) we are expecting rain and snow with the low's in the 20's.   All of these conditions may continue to make the roads very icy and slick.  Please play close attention to the weather and the road conditions – and travel safely.


For more information on Iowa road conditions, please refer to: (updated every 5 minutes with data provided by Iowa State Patrol Officers)


We hope your winter break has been relaxing – safe travels back to Grinnell,


Steve Briscoe